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This series was by created by a Grammy Nominated Song Writer because he wanted to show you exactly what to do to protect your songs, lyrics, melodies, music or beats. These topics continue to be the part of this business of music everyone wants to learn more about. We will continue to add vital information periodically to help our fellow independent song writers, artists, producers and publishers protect their intellectual property and creativity.
This contains vital information that you need to know in order to safeguard and shield your creative works. What you will find in our initial communication is what I term the 10 Commandments of Songwriting. This talent is a blessing and no one should take it from you so, it is right that we share the knowledge. This will show you what to do to protect your music and handle your business with your music the right way. This is valuable information people really don't want you to know. So take a few minutes and investigate what you need to do in order to protect yourself!
(This is the Preface, please read each of the 10 articles in this section because you don't want you to miss a thing!)

STEP - 1



As a songwriter, artist, musician or producer you have an obligation to yourself to protect your creativity (also referred to as intellectual property). I’d like to address my fellow artists and musicians especially those of us who play live instruments as well as those of us who work with sequencers like the MPC 2000, 2000XL, 4000 or Reason as well as Sonar Producer, Pro-Tools (midi), Cuebase, Logic or any other type of built in sequencer that comes standard in the Korg Triton Extreme, Yamaha Motiff, or Roland Fantom workstations. There are many other excellent keyboards but these happen to be my personal tools choice.

What’s really important to me that you understand is when you make a “beat” your actually writing a song! Your writing music, not just a “beat”! This automatically entitles you to writer’s royalties, publishing royalties, mechanical royalties, and administration! I will explain these royalty streams in future posts of “How to protect your creativity and “SHIELD YOUR MUSIC”.  

First of all YOU own one-hundred percent of that song or beat until you have another writer add lyrics & melody. The two of you now share equally fifty-fifty in all copyright ownership rights for the rest of your lives plus seventy-five years. The mathematics here works vice-a-versa if you begin your song with words and a melody. So when someone needs a beat from you lease it! Don’t sell it! Then you will have something to leave your kids when you pass on. Keep watching for future posts for more knowledge. In the meantime, check out the initial ten commandments of songwriting! Be smart, don’t be foolish and you’ll thank yourself down the line!


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