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Grow your business brand or product with solid press and media distribution.

Without it your brand and/or product will end up as your best kept secret. Need to brand your business? Have a great product? When your ready to let the world know or you have a statement to make, contact us and we'll help you get the word out and announce it to the world.  

We offer the necessary press and publicity tools to our clients as part of our digital ala carte services. Our clients always receive personalized and professional attention without the the normal cookie cutter approach when it comes to branding their business or product. There are definitive variables that can make the difference in your pr media being successful or not. Press releases and their distribution methods are not all the same!  

Press Distribution

Unlike traditional pr media distribution where you place a message some where on the world wide web and hope somebody sees it, or maybe your press release might find your potential buyers (wishful thinking)? When you hire us to write and distribute your press releases (depending on your budget) we can help you reach a massive audience and target your market correctly.


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Social Media - Direct Email - Blog - Mobile Devices - Search Engines

All of the above play a significant role with the circulation of your product and it's awareness. The importance of being able to reach your audience is a key factor. If the consumer isn't aware of you or your product they will not know that' it's for sale or where to buy it.

When we discuss press and media objectives with a client, we present the client with an ability to utilize current technology resources. Web, mobile media and opt-in emails to increase the success ratio for all our clients.   

Your next annoucement, let us spread the word for you!