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Sales revenue / Payments?

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1. How are sales revenues paid out to software end users? Bank wire, check, etc? 

2. How often are you paid?

3. Do you have a period of time in which you can question the information on a statement for accuracy?



(a) Bank transfer is standard. We can also arrange for Pay Pal or Click To Buy . For large catalouges we will account monthly for shops that account monthly to us & quarterly for shops that account quarterly to us. Otherwise normal accounting occurs on a quarterly basis.


(b) For example, monthly shops like iTunes:- Sales that are generated in January get reported TO ALL distributors worldwide mid to end of February. Payment arrives the beginning of March. Accounting will be done, the earliest on the March statement & at the latest reflective in the April statement. This generates a roll on effect. The first two months won’t look so great on your royalty statements but after that the figures will increase from month to month as the sales increase and expand.

(c) We do not act as a bank.

(d) You will only receive a pay out when accounting has received the money in your behalf for actual sales and accounting does not pay out based on the Daily or Weekly Trend reports. These are a only a guideline of sales trends and should not be used for accurate and final royalty accounting purposes.

(e) You have 12 months to question a royalty statement you receive.


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