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Is there a minimum amount of sales my music needs to generate?

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Your digital label is required to generate $130.00 (US) in order to receive royalty payments.

(a) Because royalty accounting will come direct to you from the United Kingdom you are dealing with the Euro as opposed to the U.S. dollar. The Euro happens to be worth more than the dollar today but where applicable, you now get to take advantage of the extra money that the Euro provides on a single download whereas you have not been able to do so in the past. (Currency subject to change based on the worldwide economic conditions - this is something we have no control over).

(b) Our royalty statements are extremely detailed and to render a statement without you generating any money still costs us money that’s not there yet to prepare it. We have a rollover clause in our digital distribution agreement that covers this subject and requires your product to generate $130.00 (U.S.) in order for you to receive any monies.

(c) It costs money to prepare accounting statements and complete a wire transfer whether its within the same state or in another country (check with your financial institution for applicable rates). That's why you are required to cross an earning threshold.

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