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Royalty Statements / Accounting accuracy?

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1. Do I see actual statements from the individual websites selling the product? 

2. How do you check the accuracy of actual sales on a specific site and the statement issued ?

Answer: See below...

(a) We would be in breach of the contracts with the stores & with our other Label partners & artists if we were to forward contracts and statements that belong to them. 

(b) These statements show entire clients catalogues per shop per territory around 900,000 titles.

(c)  These statements are sent in so many different formats that most people do not even have the necessary software to even open, import, read or understand these statements. 

(d)  The accounting is 100% accurate. You see each download, in each country, for each store. You see the PPD (Price Per Download), you see any mechanical deductions, you also see the date you see the store & the different services & pricing that that store offers.

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