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System functionality - Errors

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(a) What if a download does not work properly or

(b) contains errors of some kind;

(c) How much time will it take to fix it and

(d) what type of financial adjustment is made?


(a) After upload and delivery, If a technical issue occurs then this can only be a problem with the shop and they will have their it staff handle it accordingly!

(b) Our systems verifies, converts, confirms all audio & artwork by your upload through RDS to our system and are error free for export to the online shops you select. Our system cannot deliver bad data. This excludes uploads of bad mixes or unwanted noise that are pre-existing on your master. 

(c) The only error can lie with the shop or the original audio data with errors in the source.

(d) No financial adjustment can be made. The shops do not allow this in their contracts.



Who do I talk to to resolve any relative issues?


Any issues that you may have with regard to the above please direct your questions to your Rainysongs Entertainment representative. We will be happy to help provide you with clarity, resolution and premiere customer service we provide to all of our clients. 



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